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Chest Exercises

1. Dumbbell Pullovers

Many factors place the dumbbell pullovers as the number one chest exercise for pectus excavatum. This workout is great because it works two opposite muscle groups simultaneously – the chest and the whole back area. It is also worth noting that dumbbell pullovers also help with expanding the rib-cage area, three muscle group areas that are absolutely critical if we want to correct pectus excavatum in a non-surgical way. So make no mistake, if you are planing on fixing your pectus excavatum condition with exercises, dumbbell pullovers should be the first exercise on your list.

Why are dumbbell pullovers so important ?

The great thing about dumbbell pullovers is that it affects the chest muscles from a different angle, compared to the bench press or other chest exercises. The primary muscle involved in this exercise is the sternal head muscle, which is placed at the beginning of the sternum.

dumbbell pullover exercise

dumbbell pullover exercise affects                    directly the center of the chest

Besides working the center of our chest, where the pectus excavatum deformity is most pronounced, it works the back muscles and helps expands the rib cage, which is very beneficial because flared ribs are the most common pectus excavatum side effect.


How to do dumbbell pullovers ?

The great thing about this workout is that if you are not a big fan of gyms, you can just as easily do it in your own home. All you need is a weight bench and the appropriate dumbbell set for you body weight and build.  

2. Dumbbell Flyes

The dumbbell flys are also an excellent exercise for the upper body, and more significantly, about the pectus excavatum condition. It is an exercise that primary works the chest and shoulder muscles, but also affects the back and arms muscles as well. It expands the chest area by working the lower and upper pectoralis major muscles, giving more volume to the chest area and normalising the look.  





3. Dips for middle chest area

how to properly do chest dip exerciseThis is also a proven pectus excavatum exercise. Although not very familiar for those who are not into the bodybuilder world, this exercise does wonders in the battle against pectus excavatum. It is a pretty simple workout and all you need is a set od dip bars and the will to get sweaty. This exercise will affect the middle of your chest and is great combination with our previous mentioned exercises. The most important thing when executing this exercise is to get the angle right, because depending on the angle, different muscles groups are targeted. When positioned straight, with the back at 90 C, we are targeting the chest muscles primary. When the back is not in straight position, then the triceps make most of the lifting   Check out the video where the exercise is explained by industry professional.  




4. Incline Push-ups Incline_pushup2

Doing push ups is never a bad thing. But for our case, we recommend incline push up. You can do incline push ups anywhere as long as the feet are placed bellow the upper body chest. When doing this activity we start rotating the thorax and activating our abdominal muscles. This in return will stretch the rib cage and lift the sternum. 

Doing incline push up regularly will make the upper chest and shoulders grow, making the chest as a whole look better.