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Pectus Excavatum Exercises

Extreme cases of pectus excavatum can not be repaired just by doing physical exercises. For extreme cases, surgical repair is the only way to get full cosmetic effect. However, if your case is mild or moderate than by performing the right combination of weight lifting, breathing exercises and bracing, pectus excavatum can be fixed up tp 80%

workouts for indented chest

Before we start explaining the most beneficial physical exercises correlated with the sunken chest syndrome, we must inform that extreme cases of pectus excavatum can not be fully repaired just by doing exercises. Taking care of your body and living healthy is highly important when suffering from this kind of deformity. However, if the condition is mild or moderate, then the right combination of our carefully selected pectus excavatum exercises, such as weight lifting, breathing exercises and bracing can mask the condition as high as up to 80%. We know that bones are supported by muscles, so by working out the correct muscles groups, we can influence and reshape the bones to great extend, and mask or minimise the sunken chest look. In this article we have a list of scientifically proven exercises for correcting the physical effect of pectus excavatum. It is important that you read exactly what kind of exercises  you should be performing, as doing the wrong exercise can actually make the condition worse.  


What is the typical outlook of a patient
sufferiposture of pectus excavatum patientng from pectus excavatum ?


Although the first and most obvious symptom is the dent in the middle of the chest, having sunken chest impacts the surrounding areas as well, up to what extent depending on the individual case. Many patients are characterised with rounded shoulder, bad posture, potbelly, rounded spine and most commonly flared ribs. So in fact, having sunken chest affects the whole upper body area. That is why when trying to fix it naturally, the exercises must be correctly picked as working the wrong muscles groups can have the opposite effect.  




developed pectoral muscles

focusing only on the pectoral muscles can have the opposite effect, empathizing the dent in the middle of the chest

What should the workouts focus on ?

When trying to fix pectus excavatum through exercises, it is wrong to focus just on the pectoral muscles in the chest area. If we do this, then as the pectoral muscles get more mass, the hole in the chest will become more contrasted and look bigger. That is why when doing pectus excavatum exercises, we must take into consideration other areas as well, and work on targeting and strengthing the back and shoulder muscles as much as the chest muscles. Through a well work out series of core strengthing exercises, flexibility improvement series and lung expanding techniques, the correct muscles groups can be tackled, normalising the appearance of the chest wall area.



 What should the main goals of pectus excavatum exercise be ?

The main goal should be to pull the anterior chest wall outward, trying to normalise the appearance of the chest wall area as much as possible. But to affect and change bone structural integrity is not an easy task and this requires employment of additional goals and targets, that are closely related and affect one another. We should be working towards:


  • pushing the sternum outward and forward
  • correcting and strengthing the rib cage section
  • working the spine muscles group area
  • expanding lung capacity
  • adding muscle mass
  • improvement of posture and upper body area


Can Exercises really help with Pectus excavatum ?

If the level of the deformity is in the mild – modest range (Haller < 3.5), then doing the right set of workouts can fix the sunken chest by elevating the sternum and holding it in right position. The right set of exercises must be followed, targeting all the necessary muscle groups with a goal of improved posture, expanded lung capacity and of course, decreasement or total withdrawal of the indented area.


sunken chest exercises before and after 

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